What do I do?

On my about page, you’ll realise I’m pretty serious about mental health, having been catapulted into the world of it from birth, basically. As you probably know by now it’s my profession born from a burning desire to somehow do my best to make a difference to peoples lives.

I made the decision that aside from my ‘job’ and face to face supermarket checkout education stuff I’d do as much on social media and here as I can to that aim. I also receive support along the way too so now I’m a writer in my spare time (of course, given the fact I’ve created this blog site!) with an instagram and twitter account.

You’ll find me mainly on twitter chatting to mental health professionals, advocates, organisations etc and fellow patients (some friends) trying to learn, share, support, change stuff and basically fight for people. I really enjoy it. Sometimes it gets quite heated with critical psychiatry when I feel they’re too critical, hurtful and unfair etc etc. I promise I’m usually a placid person!

Aside from my involvement there and writing here, I’m also featured as an author for a really great informative stigma tackling website called I am 1 in 4. I tried to summarise them just now but it’s better to do them justice by quoting their aim from their website:

“1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health condition in any given year and yet there is a lack of willingness to talk about it. Sharing our experiences, thoughts, opinions etc on mental health can be both cathartic and liberating. However it is also very daunting. To help we provide a platform where people can talk about their mental health free from stigma.

By building such a community approach we aim to normalise the conversation around mental health. We also provide support and a release for those who suffer and increase understanding.”

Their site is here and a shortcut to my author page is here. All bar one of the pieces have been featured on my blog on WordPress here.

They welcome people to submit their stories so please do if you feel it helpful. There’s other ways to get involved too.

I’m also very thrilled to be included in their book which is “an anthology containing a collection of our best and most popular articles and blogs by an array of very talented mental health bloggers.” If anyone is interested in purchasing it, you’ll find it here on Amazon. Excuse the plug. Sorry not sorry!

Anyway so that’s what I’m about. If anyone would like to make contact, please feel free to get in touch through my contact page here. I’d like to do more so if you have any ideas, I’d welcome them muchly.

Ramble over!

All the very best, B xx

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