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Medication Twitter chat 23/8 8pm onwards #bipolaretaeusmeds

The topic of psychiatric medication has been on my list of ‘blogs to write’ for a long time given it’s been such a huge part of psychiatric treatment in services for decades and still remains one of the top issues of debated.

Instead of just leaping in with it, having observed and taken part in conversations over social media, I thought a twitter chat would be a better, more useful, approach first.

Soooo… the aim is facilitation of a broad respectful, inclusive and supportive discussion where all of us can share our thoughts, opinions and experiences. To be heard.

It’s an emotive topic I realise as there are people who have been harmed and people who have been helped. Strong thoughts about whether there are benefits or not. There’s also professionals responsible for medication management whose decisions are difficult. Depending on outcomes it can be rewarding or opposite with positive patient relationships through to, at worse, suffering abuse.

Understandably then, all this can and has generated a range of emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, confusion and perhaps that of not being listened to. Just to name a few.

Here’s some of my ideas that could be talked about though no structure put forward. Free for all!

1. Concerns about adverse drug reactions. Have you or a loved one experienced harm or side effects? Are they tolerable? Risk vs benefit? If difficulties, what was done about it? What could be done better? Were you prepared? As a professional, how do you manage ADR’s? Report them? Any good or bad experiences in practice?

2. Efficacy: Did, or does, your medication work? Are you too worried to try them? Why? Did you have to try more than one? As a professional, what is your clinical practice? Experience? Knowledge?

3. Prescribing: Are you, or were you, satisfied with the prescribing process? Given enough knowledge? Choice? Included enough for informed decision making? As a professional, what is your practice?

4. Monitoring: Was, or is, monitoring managed well? Who by? Any tools used? As a professional, how do you manage monitoring? Are there any issues? Barriers? Good practice to share?

5. Benefits: Has, or does, medication help(ed) you? What good can you share? Where would you be without it? Has it always been like that? As a professional, what benefits do you see? Outcomes?

6. Pharmaceutical companies: What is your view? Is there enough transparency? What does or should happen?

7. Pillshaming: What does this mean to you? Thoughts?

8. Research: What research have you read? How useful is it? Is it listened to? What more needs to be done?

Overall, what can be done differently? How can things improve?

Look forward to chatting all, Jem x

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