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Memories…. evoking strong feelings. Inspiration to continue nurse training…

I’ve been going through my keep sake box to find something and found 2 cards from my dear friend Amy (see last post – no longer with us).

I hope not to bore anyone but I’m letting stuff out here – grief and memories and inspiration.

So…. everyone encouraged me along the path of mental health nursing when I realised it was my calling, but my friends who went through their own journies of mental illness saw it in me and kept believing in my ability to succeed. Amy and another friend in particular kept me going.

I clearly remember when Amy had her first admission to the local psychiatric hospital. We’d originally met a few years before at our local Mind group, who laid on all sorts of activities. Both of us liked the arty stuff there.

I’d got into card making so decided to take her a card making magazine which included some materials to get started as a beginner. I thought she’d be bored shitless to be honest (I was right) so it might help her get through her admission (I also fondly remember plucking her eyebrows and shaving her pits on request πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ for which she was most grateful!!!). It worked πŸ‘.

Soon enough she became a keen card maker and I bought her a proper kit for her birthday!

This is a card I just retrieved from my keepsakes tonight that she made with some of those materials. She is referring to my nursing.

Much later, on another admission, she made this as a present for the birth of my last child, Scarlett, (the picture doesn’t show it as well as I’d like but it’s 3D):

It’s been on my wall since received and always will be β€οΈπŸ’•.

Amy always absolutely believed in me. Countless times she told me I’d be a great nurse and I honestly can’t thank her enough for this. Many a time I struggled with illness and confidence, making it hard to believe in myself. She kept me going when times were tough and I didn’t give up. That might sound dramatic but she really did keep me going.

I really really wish she could’ve seen me qualify. If I’d have not had my blips where I’d needed to step off the course and back on a couple of times, she would’ve seen me complete it. Sadly she passed before I managed to complete.

I very much like to think she’s looking down on me to see I made it.

I’ve cried a lot this evening seeing this card. All sorts of thoughts:

  • I know she’d be proud.
  • I know she’s have felt a part of it.
  • I know she’d be happy for me.

I love you Amybombamy Stickleamyfifamy Fifamy Stickleamy that’s how you spell Amy πŸ˜‚xxxxx


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