An exemplar of kindness as Florence Welch gives a heartwarming personal concert to beautiful 15 year old Karinya Chen who was battling terminal cancer….

If you’ve not read about Karinya, I would urge you to read this! When Karinya Chen was too ill to go to Florence and the Machines concert (she’d bought a ticket), Florence came to her and as the title says gave a personal concert – in the hospice.

You can really feel the love in the room watching this. It’s truly beautiful and will have you in absolute tears of sadness and joy. Karinya looks so happy and in her element 💕
If ever I question my faith in humanity, I’ll be certain to think to this. I know I’ll never forget it.

Here are the two of them singing ‘The dog days are over’…

Further details of Karinya’s story and details of the concert can be found here.

Sadly Karinya passed away a few months later after a 5 year battle with bone cancer. She gave an interview just 5 days before her passing in which her outlook, bravery and positivity renders me pretty much speechless. Her interview is here.A truly incredible and inspiration young lady.

If you make it through this story without crying I’ll be amazed.

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